perjantai 25. joulukuuta 2009

Testing the alternative, more authentic wheeset for Cross Prestige: Mavic Reflex-DT Swiss-hubs with Vittorio Cross Evo XG Tubulars.

MobileMe Gallery - Colnago Cross Prestige 2010, ExtremePower 2008 SuperRecorded

Matias - how do you like it now? Mavic Reflex tubeless hoops with DT Swiss 240 hubs and spokes with Vittorio Cross Evo XG Tubulars.
Visually it looks now more authentic Cyclocross. Two more advantages:
1. They are extreme light and make the total bike enjoyable light too. Total weight of 58 cm frame, Record 10-speed, Compact, 3T carbon handlebar and alu-stem, TRP carbon cantilever brakes, Eggbeater Candy pedals 7,2 kg. It's lighter than my Colnago Extreme Power with autumn/spring tyres Schwalbe Stelvio 23 mm heavy puncture resistant tyres - 7,4 kg.
2. They are really great to ride in soft snow.

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  1. No nyt kelpaa! Tolta crossipyörän kuuluukin näyttää. :)


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