sunnuntai 31. lokakuuta 2010

My heart beats now on Cyclo Cross Bikes. The sound is kind of low - Basso

Don't have any exact data of this bike, but my previous cyclo cross was Basso Devil, a aluminum frame build with Campa 10 speeds. This carbon Fast Cross looks great, but typically the frame size chosen to photoshoots is too small to be beatifull. I'll find you some more details and maby I can find one for test drive. But still - my winter ride is Colnago Cross Prestige - like Sven Nyis do.
Pictures: Itaaliaanse Racefietsen

sunnuntai 10. lokakuuta 2010

Finnish CycloCross Championships in Helsinki, Kontula

One should work in leading Finnish Pro Bike shop if want to win. Kimmo Kananen won the Elite Finnish CycloCross Champinship 2010 after doing the same thing last year. Open Hobby Class, 30 minutes competition was won by Kökä - another Velosport guy. Concratulations Kimmo & Kökä. Couldn't have better super-adivisors in group rides! Unfortunately I only saw last 20 minutes of the elite race. Really nice track for spectatros. But where was Eurosport or Yle, National Broadcast Company of Finland?
Here is link to picture gallery where is more pictures to download for use of private, team, media.
Photographer Jukka Peltonen must be mentioned if used in media or www-site

perjantai 8. lokakuuta 2010

This is super cool jersey -- should it be re-manufactured for international markets.

Facebook | Fanikuvia sivulta Kari Myyryläinen
The friendly looking cyclist is Finnish ex-pro Kari Myyräläinen and the team of the jersey local amateur club in Hyvinkää, Southern-Finland.

Some background of the jersey-sponsors:
  • Kansa - a Finnish insurance company, owned by red-capital, led by left-wing politics and ended up in bankruptcy.
  • Seura: one of the two biggest weekly magazines for families in Finland
  • Crescent: bike sponsor, Swedish famous bike brand - see World Chamionship rainbow stripes in his cap. The brand and the Swedish factory is owned by international holding company Cycleurope
  • Hyvinkään Säästöpankki: local savings bank, which doesn't excist after mergen 1992.

Kari joined Spanish professional Team Reynolds and his team mate was...guess who?

Paul Smith interview by Rapha