perjantai 25. joulukuuta 2009

Black Devil and White Angel photo shoots: Colnago Cross Prestige and Super Record'ed Colnago Extreme Power

Testing the alternative, more authentic wheeset for Cross Prestige: Mavic Reflex-DT Swiss-hubs with Vittorio Cross Evo XG Tubulars.

MobileMe Gallery - Colnago Cross Prestige 2010, ExtremePower 2008 SuperRecorded

Matias - how do you like it now? Mavic Reflex tubeless hoops with DT Swiss 240 hubs and spokes with Vittorio Cross Evo XG Tubulars.
Visually it looks now more authentic Cyclocross. Two more advantages:
1. They are extreme light and make the total bike enjoyable light too. Total weight of 58 cm frame, Record 10-speed, Compact, 3T carbon handlebar and alu-stem, TRP carbon cantilever brakes, Eggbeater Candy pedals 7,2 kg. It's lighter than my Colnago Extreme Power with autumn/spring tyres Schwalbe Stelvio 23 mm heavy puncture resistant tyres - 7,4 kg.
2. They are really great to ride in soft snow.

Super Recorded Colnago Extreme Power

MobileMe Gallery - L1080064.JPG

Some updates to my White Tricolori Colnago Extreme Power for season 2010.
Last season I updated my wardrobe with black and white Campagonolo 11-speed jerseys and bibshorts. Now it was time to move forward from 10 to 11. Record 10-speed set was to be installed to my new Colnago Cross Prestige.
Another update was to harmonize the seating solution with both Colangos to Selle Italia SRL Team Edition. Know what? I want to book a trip to Canary Islands soon to test drive these improvements.

keskiviikko 23. joulukuuta 2009

Some interesting brand history: Cinelli story by Nick

Especially Art+Bikes -dimension makes Cinelli unique brand. This is famous art project by Keith Haring, who tuned Cinelli track bike, year was 1987.
I wonder what would be the price of this bike now? eBay anybody?

Cinelli – History in photos. | PBK BLOG

sunnuntai 20. joulukuuta 2009

Sven Nys näyttää miten Colnago Cross Prestige kulkee lumessa - voitto Kalmthout World Cupissa

More pictures of Colnago Cross Prestige - features for darkness: reflective tyres and Core Bike Wear

MobileMe Gallery - L1070988.JPG
Another great suprice - the ride was even better than the look.
The riding position was great , thanks Velosport specialists. Still some finetuning needed - 46/34 is ok, but 12-25 isn't enougt - need to buy 12-27 instead.
I could even ride on standing position on 5 cm snow without losing the grip of rear tyre. Must be great also on mud. 35 mm Schwalbe Winter Marathon tyres are exellent, they steer, brake and transfer pedaling power to speed.
See how safety is maximised wiht reflective materials on tyre sides and Core Bikewear cycling gears.

Stormy & Snowy CC riverside ride

Garmin Connect - Toiminnon Nimetön tiedot

lauantai 19. joulukuuta 2009

Colnago Cross Prestige 2010 finally ready for winter riding

MobileMe Gallery - L1070949.JPG

Here it is. Ready for freezing -10 C° snow rides. I'll get another set of wheels to make bike more authentic Sven Nies Cyclocross bike lookalike - not replica.
Next monday I'll bring them home, Mavic Reflex aluminium rims for tubulars, DT Swiss hubs and black rimms. With Vittoria CC-tubulars the total bike weight (without pedals) was merry 7,2 kg! What a nice suprice.
Here is the link for photo-gallery of Cross Prestige. You'll find some pictures of Colnago Ferrari road bike. (Not mine). With these Campa Zonda wheels and winter tyres the weihgt is 8.4 kg. Not bad at all.

lauantai 12. joulukuuta 2009

VPCX Cyclocrosscup 2009 Haltialas 12.12.2009 - Upea tapahtuma - Onnea Bat!

MobileMe Gallery - 12.12.2009

Hieno ja kelistä huolimatta lämminhenkinen tapahtuma.
Oma CC vielä pajalla odottelemassa jarruja ja 46 piikkistä eturieskaa. Ensi vuonna mukana.
Ajajien mukaan yllättävän raskas ja vaativakin rata, vaikka näyttä kartalta ehkä helpolsta. Uria, juuria ja upottavaa peltoa. Batin mukaan parinkympin keskari - eli 20 reitti noin tunnissa, useimmilla enemmän. Onnea Kimmo, Matias ja muutkin! Mielekiintoista kalustoa. Katso kuvasato tapahtuman loppuminuuteilta.

Paul Smith interview by Rapha