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sunnuntai 14. helmikuuta 2010

Colnago EPS by Frank from Italiaanse Racefietsen blog

dscf3070.jpg (JPEG Image, 3488x2616 pixels) - Scaled (27%)

De specificaties die Frank meestuurde:

  • Frame: Colnago EPS carbon
  • Groep: Campagnolo Super Record 11 speed
  • Stuur en stuurpen: Deda Presa
  • Bidonhouders: Eline
  • Wielen: Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLR
  • Zadel: Selle Italia SLR Carbonio
  • Pedalen: Look Keo wit
"emmä nyt oiken tiedä, tommonen markettipyörä..."

lauantai 13. helmikuuta 2010

Time for another Time - Black NXR Instict

NXR-001.jpg (image)

Linked from great bike block Bianchista. Don't know anything about this Time. Edge carbon wheels looking beautiful too, but I don't have any knowledge or a story of them. Please help me out of this embarrassing ignorance. Great looks and fit fine with the previous white Time. Promise Italian stuff, sorry but I seems to like some French brands like Time, Look and Sunn MTB:s.

sunnuntai 7. helmikuuta 2010

Campy Only reminds me. Gios is fine Italian bike brand and still alive"

Gios (image)
Allen S's Gios features a Super Record 11-speed gruppo. Power goes to the ground via a set of Mavic wheels (all his budget would allow). Seat rests on a non-Campy seatpost because, as Allen explains, Campagnolo doesn't have enough setback in theirs. Looks pretty ... and fast!

Another Jukka, famous novelist and sports writer Jukka Pakkanen loves and rides Gios. Color like Inter Milano. He doesn't mind that the bike brand is from Torino.
This quote I love " Like Henry Ford, I will sell you a bike any colour you like.. As long as it's blue" Alfredo Gios

Back in 1958 Alfredo Gios, with just eighteen years old, starts to work in the family business founded ten years before by his father, Tolmino, that had been an excellent professional cyclist participating to several important races and having being selected as member of the Italian National Team during the Berlin Olympic Games in 1936.
In that early times, the Gios business activity was mainly linked to the sale of classical models of City bikes.
The turning-point of the company came in November 1971, when Alfredo Gios met Mr. Giorgio Perfetti, owner of the world famous chewing-gum brand “Brooklyn”, during the Cycle show in Milan, where Gios was exhibiting the new bicycle model “Easy Rider”.
Right after seeing it, Giorgio Perfetti ordered immediately 100 units of this style for a Lucky Draw organized by his company.
Alfredo Gios

The following year, Brooklyn decided to create and sponsor a new top level professional cycling team and, considering the excellent personal and business relationship existing between Alfredo and Giorgio, the company Gios was called to be the technical supplier delivering the racing bicycles to the whole team.

Alfredo Gios
On the 4th of August of 1972, an official sponsoring agreement was signed between Alfredo Gios and Giorgio Perfetti, giving birth for 5 years (1973-1977) to one of the most successful professional cycling teams ever existed: the “Brooklyn” team, home to a never ending list of champions. One name above all “Roger De Vlaeminck, winner of: Milano-Sanremo, Parigi-Roubaix, Giro delle Flandre, Giro di Lombardia, Liege-Bastogne-Liege, Freccia Vallone, Paris-Brussels Milan-Torino, Campionato di Zurich, Het Volk, Tirreno-Adriatico, Giro di Svizzera etc.

... and then Sercu, Panizza, De Muynck, Osler, Lualdi, Passuello!
Alfredo Gios Many victories, one colour - GIOS BLUE! Alfredo Gios decided that they needed a special colour, which went well with the “Stars and Stripes” designed jerseys of the Brooklyn cycling team. So after many attempts, the unique electric, vivid, almost surreal “Gios Blue” was born which has since become famous all over the world and an important part of professional cycling history.
Alfredo Gios
In 1978, Alfredo Gios signed a contract with Gustav Janssens, owner of a Belgian Ice Cream Factory. Then the official press presentation of the great Didi Thurau, who was to represent GIOS with the “Ijboerke-Gios” professional team. The following years would see many famous victories featuring two of the greatest GIOS bikes of the past: Aerodynamic and Professional.
Alfredo Gios

The eighties were also years of great successes, as Fons De Wolf - an “exceptional model” - won classic events like the Milan-Sanremo riding a GIOS Professional.

Then in 1989, Alfredo Gios renewed its cooperation with professional cycling teams like “Jolly Componibili Club ‘88” featuring star riders such as Visentini, Leali and Colage.
Alfredo Gios In 1991, the super champion Stephen Roche chose the “Blue Bikes” for his exploits, and to this day the rider still has a close relationship with Alfredo, even after the end of his career. (Picture - Alfredo and Stephen Roche representing GIOS at Anaheim Interbike exhibition, Los Angeles 1995)

Alfredo Gios
1994-1999: these are the 6 seasons of the unforgettable KELME cycling team with superb champions that have honoured the GIOS brand with their victories. Escartin, Heras, Cubino, Dominguez, Edo, "Chepe" Gonzalez, Botero, Sevilla, Rubiera...
Great challenges and fantastic cyclists, and particularly to remember the Fernando Escartin podium at the 1999 edition of the TOUR DE FRANCE.

Alfredo Gios A new champion in GIOS history: Ivan Quaranta! The “cheetah” shows his incredible power in the final 200 metres by winning two stages of the 2001 Giro d’Italia and many other races. (Picture: Alfredo with Ivan Quaranta)

Paul Smith interview by Rapha