torstai 25. marraskuuta 2010

Video: Designer Paul Smith Talks Cycling - BikeRadar

Video: Designer Paul Smith Talks Cycling - BikeRadar

He's my style hero, "Classic with a Twist"
One day I'll be riding a city-bike designed by Paul Smith, wearing total city-cycling-outfit.
Paul, this is a brief for you.

keskiviikko 3. marraskuuta 2010

Cannondale SuperX - The bike of Finnish Cyclocross Champion

This is the next bike of Finnish Cyclocross Champion Kimmo Kananen.
He has test-driven the bike and compared with the previous frame CAAD9 the new one is as stiff but there was plenty of more comfort. Blending the carbon technology of Cannondale hardtail mountainbike Flash with th eproven geometry of the CAAD9 Cross, SuperX is good-looking and probably very fast bike. Here is the marketing rap of the month from
SuperX is crafted from BallisTec carbon fiber. Developed for ballistic armoring, this allows SuperX to shrug off rock impacts that would cripple other carbon frames. 
Hey guys there in Cannondale R&D or marketing department, no mention of any ball-protection benefits? It might be good feature when jumping on the bike during the race. Maby pretty wide new Fizik Tundra (must be the choise here in Tundra region) will act like shock-absorber.
Anyway great frame with great desing. The craphic desing is one of the best in 2011 models.

Brand new Colnago World Cup. Guess who'll bring it to good home soon?

My friend Aleksi will get himself one of the nicest birthday presents just few days after the party.
Isn't it beautiful.

sunnuntai 31. lokakuuta 2010

My heart beats now on Cyclo Cross Bikes. The sound is kind of low - Basso

Don't have any exact data of this bike, but my previous cyclo cross was Basso Devil, a aluminum frame build with Campa 10 speeds. This carbon Fast Cross looks great, but typically the frame size chosen to photoshoots is too small to be beatifull. I'll find you some more details and maby I can find one for test drive. But still - my winter ride is Colnago Cross Prestige - like Sven Nyis do.
Pictures: Itaaliaanse Racefietsen

sunnuntai 10. lokakuuta 2010

Finnish CycloCross Championships in Helsinki, Kontula

One should work in leading Finnish Pro Bike shop if want to win. Kimmo Kananen won the Elite Finnish CycloCross Champinship 2010 after doing the same thing last year. Open Hobby Class, 30 minutes competition was won by Kökä - another Velosport guy. Concratulations Kimmo & Kökä. Couldn't have better super-adivisors in group rides! Unfortunately I only saw last 20 minutes of the elite race. Really nice track for spectatros. But where was Eurosport or Yle, National Broadcast Company of Finland?
Here is link to picture gallery where is more pictures to download for use of private, team, media.
Photographer Jukka Peltonen must be mentioned if used in media or www-site

perjantai 8. lokakuuta 2010

This is super cool jersey -- should it be re-manufactured for international markets.

Facebook | Fanikuvia sivulta Kari Myyryläinen
The friendly looking cyclist is Finnish ex-pro Kari Myyräläinen and the team of the jersey local amateur club in Hyvinkää, Southern-Finland.

Some background of the jersey-sponsors:
  • Kansa - a Finnish insurance company, owned by red-capital, led by left-wing politics and ended up in bankruptcy.
  • Seura: one of the two biggest weekly magazines for families in Finland
  • Crescent: bike sponsor, Swedish famous bike brand - see World Chamionship rainbow stripes in his cap. The brand and the Swedish factory is owned by international holding company Cycleurope
  • Hyvinkään Säästöpankki: local savings bank, which doesn't excist after mergen 1992.

Kari joined Spanish professional Team Reynolds and his team mate was...guess who?

tiistai 28. syyskuuta 2010

Cycle Chic in Helsinki!

This isn't in the focus of my blog, but I'm happy to inform that famous Cycle Chic visited Helsinki to shoot personal people with personal bikes. Can't wait to see more pictures of the actual photo shooting session.

perjantai 24. syyskuuta 2010

Which bike do retired pro-cyclist chooce? Paolo Bettini, World Champion is the best example.

He is the chooser of Italian team for world road cycling championships 2010 in Australia. Here he is test riding the World Championship route in Australia with part of the team he chose. During his career he rode several pro-bikes. Last years in Quick-Step he drove Specialized - but before that he was member of Mapei-team and rode - The big C.  When you are retired you are free to choose the bike you really love and want to ride. Here is what Paolo have chosen. You lucky bastard!

lauantai 28. elokuuta 2010

Brand new Colnago M10 matt carbon frame - but is there too much branding?


It's really light and stiff must it be too. Box shaped tubes and lots of stuff around bottom bracket.
I love the skinned carbon surface finished matt. What I don't adore is that there is too much branding - "C- HS Colnago Headset Systme" "Q2 Stay".  Serious note to design department - less is more and more is redicilus. M10 then - what does is it mean? At least it's bad graphic design. You are Italian, you should do it right guys!

This red color suits well with the frame. But too much different graphic elements here as well.

Paul Smith interview by Rapha