sunnuntai 24. tammikuuta 2010

Beautiful Time, lots of Time components and triangle shape in frame geomethry

MobileMe Gallery - Time RXR ULteam SuperRecord, Bora
Real beayty. I'll admire French bike brands Look and Time. If there wouldn't be Italy, these would be my top brands in road cycling. Pedals and bottle cages actually are Look and one cage come from Time.
This particular bike is owned by a lawyer and built in Velosport by Kimmo. I like the stem and the triange shape of the frame. Strong branding in visual elements in this bike, wich is totally OK for me. See details - it's handmade in France!

sunnuntai 17. tammikuuta 2010

sunnuntai 10. tammikuuta 2010

My vintage DeRosa - wonder why I haven't blog this earlier.

MobileMe Gallery - L1020061.JPG

After seeing the most impressive vintatage Colnago of Shamus
I remerbered that I haven't blog my deRosa vintage bike so far.
Here it is. Mid 80ies with Super Records. Original Finnish import bike by Velosport.
Note Cinelli "Giro di Italia"handlebar.
To do:
- white handlebar tape of leather
- original kind of tubes, brown sides

maanantai 4. tammikuuta 2010

Found this beatifull and light built Passoni from

IMG_0237+comp.JPG (image)

Must find some more info about Passoni brand and history. Raikka from Velosport was impressed after studied these bikes in this season international bike shows. Hi-end ti-frame builder in Italy as I understood his report?

Checked the factory site and found more pictures and product info
The most interesting and beautiful bikes are here. Ti + carbon frame with Cinelle Sram, Lightweight Wheels, Campa Super Record.
The white version looks sophisticated and there is also a bike of stainless steel - the black one.

lauantai 2. tammikuuta 2010

Stylish Basso Astra by KSi almost ready. Information from Fillari-lehti forum.

Picasa-verkkoalbumit - Kai - Basso Astra

Frame: Basso Astra 2010 (white/red)
Wheels: Campan Shamal Ultra + Quick Release Skewer Set byKCNC red
Kahvat: Chorus 11
Cables: Campagnolo
Brakes: KCNC punaiset
Front derailleur: Chorus 11
Rear derailleur: Record 11
Chain: Record 11
Cassette: Chorus 11
Chainset: Record 10  (Specialites TA Horus 11sp 50T)
Handlebar: 3T Ergonova Team
Seatpost: 3T Doric Team
Stemmi: 3T ARX Team (punaraita)
Saddle: Selle Italia SLR KIT Carbonio Flow,
Pedals: Speedplay Zero Stainless,
Bottle cage: Elite Carbon fiber
Renkaat: Michelin Pro3 Race 23mm, punasivuiset
Sisurit: Michelin Latex

weight about . 6,7kg including pedal.

Paul Smith interview by Rapha