sunnuntai 20. joulukuuta 2009

More pictures of Colnago Cross Prestige - features for darkness: reflective tyres and Core Bike Wear

MobileMe Gallery - L1070988.JPG
Another great suprice - the ride was even better than the look.
The riding position was great , thanks Velosport specialists. Still some finetuning needed - 46/34 is ok, but 12-25 isn't enougt - need to buy 12-27 instead.
I could even ride on standing position on 5 cm snow without losing the grip of rear tyre. Must be great also on mud. 35 mm Schwalbe Winter Marathon tyres are exellent, they steer, brake and transfer pedaling power to speed.
See how safety is maximised wiht reflective materials on tyre sides and Core Bikewear cycling gears.

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