torstai 25. marraskuuta 2010

Video: Designer Paul Smith Talks Cycling - BikeRadar

Video: Designer Paul Smith Talks Cycling - BikeRadar

He's my style hero, "Classic with a Twist"
One day I'll be riding a city-bike designed by Paul Smith, wearing total city-cycling-outfit.
Paul, this is a brief for you.

keskiviikko 3. marraskuuta 2010

Cannondale SuperX - The bike of Finnish Cyclocross Champion

This is the next bike of Finnish Cyclocross Champion Kimmo Kananen.
He has test-driven the bike and compared with the previous frame CAAD9 the new one is as stiff but there was plenty of more comfort. Blending the carbon technology of Cannondale hardtail mountainbike Flash with th eproven geometry of the CAAD9 Cross, SuperX is good-looking and probably very fast bike. Here is the marketing rap of the month from
SuperX is crafted from BallisTec carbon fiber. Developed for ballistic armoring, this allows SuperX to shrug off rock impacts that would cripple other carbon frames. 
Hey guys there in Cannondale R&D or marketing department, no mention of any ball-protection benefits? It might be good feature when jumping on the bike during the race. Maby pretty wide new Fizik Tundra (must be the choise here in Tundra region) will act like shock-absorber.
Anyway great frame with great desing. The craphic desing is one of the best in 2011 models.

Brand new Colnago World Cup. Guess who'll bring it to good home soon?

My friend Aleksi will get himself one of the nicest birthday presents just few days after the party.
Isn't it beautiful.

Paul Smith interview by Rapha