maanantai 23. elokuuta 2010

Colnago Start - new bike build with love, sense of style and top quality

This Colnago Start is build for my friend Wege, a true bike enthusiast and style connosier who occasionally spend up to 19 hour on his beautiful Colnago. I think this bike will be kind of trendstetter - Aluminium is the new steel!
Bike is a long term project. Planning started some 2 years ago. But finding the right kind of frame was the most difficult part of the project. Every bit and piece is carefully selected and searched by Velosport pro-shop specialists. Fortunately they have kind of road cycling frame and part history department by the founder Raimo - he has hidden some valuable things for this kind of key projects.
Eighties style of design of frame  is actually  brand new, but 2000-model. Strong and light aluminium frame is truly stiff but steel fork and classic Mavic Open Pro rims with aluminium Record hubs and Michelin ProRace3 gives lots of comfort for the ride. I test-drove the bike and it's suprisingly stiff but comfy and really fast. And it gets lots of views and supportavie comments.

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