lauantai 28. elokuuta 2010

Brand new Colnago M10 matt carbon frame - but is there too much branding?


It's really light and stiff must it be too. Box shaped tubes and lots of stuff around bottom bracket.
I love the skinned carbon surface finished matt. What I don't adore is that there is too much branding - "C- HS Colnago Headset Systme" "Q2 Stay".  Serious note to design department - less is more and more is redicilus. M10 then - what does is it mean? At least it's bad graphic design. You are Italian, you should do it right guys!

This red color suits well with the frame. But too much different graphic elements here as well.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Hello! I came across your photos of the M10 and had a few questions for you: 1.) are the graphics painted or decals? 2.)does the rear derailleur cable run inside the chainstay or is the frame in the photos for Shimano Di2. Thanks. You can email me at

  2. I didn't study the frame that closely, I shared some minutes wiht it in local Colnago dealer/import company. I'll check the details next time visiting The Pro Shop of Finland. Hope the frame still is there.


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