perjantai 8. lokakuuta 2010

This is super cool jersey -- should it be re-manufactured for international markets.

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The friendly looking cyclist is Finnish ex-pro Kari Myyräläinen and the team of the jersey local amateur club in Hyvinkää, Southern-Finland.

Some background of the jersey-sponsors:
  • Kansa - a Finnish insurance company, owned by red-capital, led by left-wing politics and ended up in bankruptcy.
  • Seura: one of the two biggest weekly magazines for families in Finland
  • Crescent: bike sponsor, Swedish famous bike brand - see World Chamionship rainbow stripes in his cap. The brand and the Swedish factory is owned by international holding company Cycleurope
  • Hyvinkään Säästöpankki: local savings bank, which doesn't excist after mergen 1992.

Kari joined Spanish professional Team Reynolds and his team mate was...guess who?

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