perjantai 4. syyskuuta 2009

Jännitys kohoaa. Millaisen uutuuden Polar Electro julkistaa EuroBikessa. Polar CS 500

EuroBike: Polar shows CS500 cycling computer [Update] «

EuroBike: Polar shows CS500 cycling computer [Update]

In two weeks the doors of the Eurobike 2009 in Friedrichshafen will open. Many innovations, such as the new Ultergra 6700 groupset, have already been published. But only the big, well-known manufacturers accomplish this luxury. Polar uses the Eurobike to introduce new products. The Polar CS500, which runs under the slogan “Performance & science” is one of them. Not too many details are known yet. Only so much is already clear. For one, the product name is arranged under the current flagship CS600x and secondly he is, in contrast to the CS400, with the popular polar wind sensors compatible. Therefore, the CS500 is compatible with speed, cadence and power measurement sensors. The design moves from the polar raindrop optic of the previous CS-Series and leans more on the flat Apple iPhone silhouette. This means, as at the prototype figure shows, a large display and also new “rocker switch buttons” at the edges. The price and the delivery date is still unknowen till the start of the EuroBike.

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