maanantai 26. maaliskuuta 2012

De Rosa Neo Primato, original color themes from the 80es.

derosa-primato-2012-zoom.jpg (948×1000)

De Rosa is synonymous with everything cyclists know and love about Italian bikes: passion, master craftsmanship, skill and precision. Whether it's the hand-finished steel Neo Primato frameset which catches your eye or the Merak Carbon, all bikes are created with the same close attention to detail by the family-run De Rosa company, which is based in Milan.

These are the bikes which Ugo de Rosa dreamt of building as a teenager back in 1947. More than half a century later, his dreams are reality and countless champions have ridden – and still ride – his prestigious bikes. His love and enthusiasm for cycling is reflected in every single bike made. A De Rosa bike is the kind of bike you buy and keep forever...

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