torstai 22. heinäkuuta 2010

The launch of season 2011 - new edgy Colnago C59 ITALIA

This color it would be, if I'd placed an  order. Or the carbon black matt!?

Advertisment in the latest Procycling magazine, hube spread + extra-fold. Procycling is now after facelift one of the most beautiful and carefully typesetted & lay-outed magazine.
Anyway, the start of the Tour-specia-issue is fantastic as well - huge ad of brand new Colnago C59.
Colnago has changed the organic shapes to more cubic especially in power-line to get more strenght.
There is now new technology to put huge pressure when producing carbon pipes to frames, meaning less air and thinner tube-shells.
As you can notice, even the craphic desing is now cubic. If I'd chose color-theme, I'll avoid neon decoration from eihgties. That retro trend will face away in next 12 months. I would - or even might chose plain matt-carbon wiht white outline font logos and finalize the total carbon effect with Lightweight Standard III ordered without silly and unstylish scrip-font logos of Lightweight. The frame will be delivered hopefully with colour-fitting seat post. Then carbon 3T classic curve handlebar and stem.

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  1. I saw the frame yesterday at Velosport. The neon colors didn't turn me up either :) but the frame itself looks great!


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