tiistai 2. maaliskuuta 2010

Not a holy marriage: Colnago EPS with Shimano Di2 cable routings done in frame factory

Colnago has been always open to Asian brands. Part of the ownership sold and co-operation with Giant of Taiwan, Shimano options during early days of Japanese brand. I got the point to partner with hi-tech development companies without minding where they come from. BUT being Campy-only guy makes it easy to understand but unpossible to buy this combo.
Just some improvements. I'd keep those Lightweight wheelsi (made in Germany, but the highest end in wheels) but I'd replace Shimp's with Campa 11 speeds. Can quantity beat quality? If it's both at the same time, it' will. I'll minimize electronics and replace it with reliability - meaning testeded 10 and 11 speed mechs by Campagnolo.

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