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Wired: Bicycles are a good gadget for hard times

Wired Magazine logoAs part of my continuing effort to call out and celebrate efforts by the non-endemic media to promote bicycles and cycling in a positive way, here comes Wired magazine again. As I’ve written before, I’m a big fan of their blend of tech and social issues, which is essentially what a bike is: the result of (and constant source of inspiration for) technological innovation and an agent for social change. 

Their latest mention of the bicycle is in the piece entitled “12 Good Gadgets for Hard Times.” Our beloved bike is in there along with other gadgets with HDTV, USB, PC and GSM in their names. In their own words, these choices:

Don’t cost a huge amount, have lasting utility, aren’t likely to break or wear out quickly, and will continue to be useful even when the infrastructure around them is crumbling.

With that in mind, here’s our list of gadgets that will be handy in case the economic recession becomes a full-blown depression and turns iPhone lines into bread lines.

And, by the way, you’ll notice that the bicycle is one of their few choices that make it through the typically vitriolic comments section unscathed. An enlightened choice, I dare say.

Kudos as well for highlighting the practical Xtracycle.

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